Optical 2D Coordinate Measuring Machine – HEXAGON OPTIV LITE MANUAL

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Optiv Lite OLM- Accurate, Reliable, User-Friendly

Optiv Lite Manual series is one of the most intuitive and user friendly, manually operated, vision measuring system. The system design takes into consideration the accuracy, repeatability and reliability of measurement results. Therefore granite was used for the XY stage and the Z axis column.
OLM is suitable for shop floor operation. It provides fast, accurate measurement for both routine and complex parts. The system can be completed with multi sensor capability (tactile option)

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Optiv Lite Manual 4030 image


Models OLM2515 OLM3020 OLM4030
Effective measuring size X.Y.Z (mm) 250x150x200 300x200x200 400x300x200
Overall dimension X.Y.Z (mm) 716x753x1015 766x803x1015 866x903x1015
Camera 1/3” high resolution colour CCD camera
Accuracy Exy 3.0 + L/150 µm
Accuracy Ez 5.0 + L/150 µm
Working distance 90mm
Illumination LED stage light and LED ring light
Magnification Manual zoom ( 30x to 180x)
Resolution 1.0 µm
Load bearing capacity 10 kg
Software Metus
Working environment 20°C ± 2
Humidity 40% – 70% RL
Option Tactile


High precision-granite base and Z columns:

Ensure stability of the mechanical system

Bottom and surface light:

Adopt continuously adjustable LED cold light to avoid the thermal deformation of measured objects

Quickly measure objects both on the surface and on the bottom

Manual operations mode:

Enables switching and rapid motion: convenient operation due to pre-posed axis Z hand wheel

User-friendly Metus windows measuring software:

Is easy to learn and use

GD & T of optical 2D coordinate measuring machine :

Perfectly automatic boundary search and de-burring function reduces errors caused by user and improves efficiency

Automatic focus indication:

Makes convenient to interface with software such as AutoCAD visual programming, according to the imported DXF file, suitable for batch testing

Graphical & textual output reporting

(Word, Excel or PDF).


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